Parametricism is a key theme of my research, and it's an idea I've been exploring in a number of ways since Art School. So far these projects have included interactive product design activities for People with Dementia (see Cups, Pots, and Lamps), personalised jewellery, tangible interfaces, bespoke saxophone mouthpieces, and an AR table (below).
I am taking a questioning approach to collaboration with the computer, hoping to find ways to deliver substantial design benefit through the inclusion on Parametricism as part of participatory workshops for Creative Ageing and Design for Dementia.
My interest in Parametricisim (including parametric, generative, computational, and flexible modes of design) lies in the curation of these techniques, in concert with materiality and a breadth of manufacturing processes, rather than the prevalent paradigm of Parametricism inhabiting an exclusively digital ecosystem.
This work was partially funded by AHRC.

Parametric Interface Experiments, Lund, Sweden (2013)

Parametric Jewellery Design for Purmundus Exhibition in Germany (2013)

Digital/Physical Parametric Forms - Undergraduate Research (2014)

Parametric Saxophone Mouthpieces, Edinburgh (2014)