Designed for use by residents in care homes who are living with dementia, in this activity users can design a cup by pairing up cup-bodies with cup-handles. Finished cups are slip cast from 3D-printed forms, in porcelain. 
The intention of this work was to challenge the often homogeneous nature of designed artefacts I encountered during a year-long ethnography in care homes, giving residents the opportunity to creatively impact the environment through choice and personalisation with a focus on exploring form. 
The Cups activity is simple, and can be completed in seconds or incorporated into a longer creative process through imagination, storytelling, exploration, decoration and giving.
The finished porcelain pieces generated from this study were made by London-based ceramicist and mould-maker Bridgette Chan. Process images at the bottom of this page are credit to her, and a testament to her craft.
This work was funded by AHRC.

Cup bodies and handles made from Jesmonite and neodymium magnets. Tray is made from poplar plywood and brass.

Handles and bodies are snapped together using magnets.

Matrix of cup options, all handles are interchangeable 

Betty's Cup Design

Poppy's Cup Design

Process images (in the grid above) all credit to Bridgette Chan 2021 to see more of her amazing work.

Poppy's Porcelain Cup

Alice's Porcelain Cup

Betty's Porcelain Cup

This project was exhibited at CoCreate's Design+ 2022 Exhibition at Northumbria University's School of Design in April 2022.
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