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I'm Henry, a Designer and Researcher with a background in Product and Experiential Design, and research expertise in Human-Centred Design for vulnerable populations. Scroll down to see a selection of my projects, from industry and research, curated for the role of Senior Creative Strategist & Researcher.

Community-led co-design research run between a Men's Group for older adults with Dementia, and a local children's charity, Kids Kabin.
Design and Research Lead, Centre for Digital Citizens
Mariana's Song
Interactive cinema experiences created for people with advanced Dementia in residential care homes. Software and products drive the film experience, delivering user-led moments of connection and expression.
Design and Research Lead, Centre for Digital Citizens
Care home residents with dementia can design and make their own porcelain cups through this curious design research project, with a focus on self-expression in an otherwise homogenous designed environment.
PhD Research, Product Design, Creative Ageing, Parametric Design
In The Moment
'A Sensory Cabinet of Curiosities' created for artists working with people living with dementia, to encourage creative exploration, imagination, and self-expression.
PhD Research Project, Product Design, Creative Ageing
Sustainability Reflection Cards
Illustrating the principals of sustainability in four contexts. This open-source deck of cards scaffolds conversation for organisations to address blindspots in their sustainability strategies.
Design Lead, Centre for Digital Citizens
Vanity Mirror
Digital Sculpture created from 180 cameras and 180 screens. This piece was designed for artist Dominic Harris, and constructed from blackened aluminium.
Role: Product Design and Concept Development, Cinimod Studio
This interactive piece let delegates to Adobe's annual London Summit control a 250m sculpture, containing oversized 3D pixels with light and colour, with their bodies.
Role: Design, Concept Development, Installation at Cinimod Studio
Puppet Flutter
Designed for a collaboration between Oliver Smart and Dominic Harris to bring a mechanical butterfly to life, suspended in a glass bell-jar.
Mechanical Product Design, Interactive, at Cinimod Studio
'Video Sculpture' for Caviar House in Heathrow Terminal 5. A living video piece which responds to environmental data and changes throughout the day with the movement of the sun.
Role: Design lead, animation, technical specification and install at Cinimod Studio
Adobe Summit
Experiential projection mapping and animation for Adobe's annual summit in London. Animations created in Cinema 4D and After Effects, based on artwork by Rik Oostenbroek
Design and Animation, Freelance Consultant
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